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Wednesday, March 16, 2016
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North Haven Gardens - Your ULTIMATE Urban Garden Center! 

North Haven Gardens has been a fixture in the Dallas Garden Industry since we first opened in 1951.

We look forward to watching the progress our customers continue to have creating their outdoor environments and are proud to be a part of their homes.

7700 North Haven Road
Dallas, TX  75230
Phone: (214) 363-5316
Please visit our website:  http://www.nhg.com/


 Sublime Water Garden

The Water Garden Experts


At Sublime Water Gardens, we strive to provide our customers with the highest level of quality in luxury indoor/outdoor living environments. Water gardens are a dream come true for people that enjoy nature. And for others, they appreciate the beautification of a natural water garden through the relaxing and tranquil aspects of moving water, waterfalls, streams, bubbling brooks, beautiful Koi and Goldfish, aquatic plants, and so much more.

Sublime Water Garden, General Sales Office - Phone: (817) 490-7917

Sublime Water Garden, Construction Office - Phone: (817) 491-0929

Visit our website:  http://sublimewatergarden.com/




Dickson Brothers, Inc. - Working With Water Since 1973